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How to care for Suede & Leather

At Jeanswest, our leather products are carefully crafted of premium materials, each with individual characteristics for a unique quality. Caring for your leather is essential to ensure your leather stays luxurious from season to season.

Which is why we’ve created two leather care products – the secrets to caring for your leather with low maintenance, and maximum benefit.

leather-care-protector-sprayWater & Stain Protector Spray

It’s environmentally friendly, aerosol-free and suitable for smooth leathers, suede and nubuck (rubbed cowhide leather that has a suede texture). The multipurpose spray also works to protect synthetic leathers and fabrics. Even your white canvas shoes will stay as good as new with this protective spray.

For best results, we recommend treating your new leather with three protective coats before its first wear.

  1. Protect any buttons, embellishments or beading with cling wrap prior to using the spray.
  2. After ensuring your leather is dry and clean, test a small patch of the spray somewhere inconspicuous.
  3. Once your test patch has proven fine, find an exposed space away from any flames. Shake the can well and hold 20-30cm away from your item as you spray a light, even mist for  4 seconds. Tip: You don’t need to coat heavily. The excess spray will not absorb well by the leather and may cause damage to the surface. 
  4. Let the item dry and repeat two more times so the item has had three coats. Make sure your leather is completely dry before wearing or storing.

If you’re frequently wearing your leather, re-apply with one extra coat every 2 – 3 weeks (this is more for your everyday leather boots, or if you live in your favourite suede jacket). Regularly re-applying will help resist the effects of water, dirt and oil based stains.

Jeanswest-Fiona-Fringe-Boot-leather-care-tipsleather-care-conditionerLeather Conditioner

Enriched with natural waxes and lanolin, this conditioner is neutral for all colours and suitable for most smooth leathers. However, you don’t want to be using it on any suede, nubuck, metallic, pearlised, embossed, vegetable tanned or patent leathers.

A leather conditioner only really needs to be used if your leather is looking a little tarnished from regular wear. It’s a great fix if you notice your leather boots or jacket are looking dull, dry, or have a few scuffs and scratches.

  1. Brush off any dirt and ensure your leather is clean and dry.
  2. Test a small patch of conditioner in a discreet area.
  3. Apply a 5 cent sized amount of conditioner to a soft cloth, and rub gently into the leather. Tip: Always use the conditoner sparingly and add more if needing further coverage.
  4. Allow to dry, then use a dry cloth to buff off any excess.
  5. Once the leather conditioner has dried, apply one coat of the Water & Stain Protector.

Leather is meant to organically soften and wear a little, so condition only for the occasional nourishment and to assist in waterproofing.

Both leather care products may create a darker colour on lighter leathers, which will fade once dry.

The basics of looking after your leather…

  • Store them in a cool, dry place
  • Be cautious when wearing dark coloured denim with light coloured leather – the colour may transfer (using the protective spray will limit the permanent transfer of dye onto leather).
  • Store in our provided garment bag, dust bag or box. (avoid storing in plastic, the leather needs to breathe).
  • Follow the instructions stated on the care label
  • For leather apparel use specialist dry cleaning only

As well as protecting your Jeanswest leather garment, you can use our leather care products to protect furniture and any leather or suede house hold item!

Our leather and suede styles and accessories can be purchased online and in selected stores.  The Jeanswest Water & Stain Protector Spray and Leather Conditioner are available in selected stores for $12.99.

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