Community Support– Charity & Education Partnerships

Jeanswest and our parent company, the Glorious Sun Group, pride ourselves on strong ethical values and community spirit. Since being established in Perth, Australia, over 40 years ago, Jeanswest has proudly supported charities and educational institutions. We recognise the need to provide support to communities and causes that touch us all.

Read more about our current charity and education partnerships below.

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Image of Adam Lloyd, our General Manager of Product, speaking to an engaged audience at RMIT.  Click here to find out more about our Education Partnerships

Charity Partnerships

Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI)

Our partnership with The Children’s Medical Research Institute began 10 years ago in 2006. We have partnered with the Institute on their annual fundraising event, Jeans 4 Genes Day, and we’re incredibly proud to have raised more than $864,000 over the years. This figure has been driven by a variety of activities including; a J4G Celebrity Jean Auction where we challenged local celebrities to decorate/design a pair of Jeanswest jeans which we then auctioned off. We have also made a monetary donation through sales of Jeanswest jeans on J4G Day along with providing our store network as outlets for the sale of official merchandise and to assist in raising awareness of the cause and the results achieved.

Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) conducts research into cures for birth defects and children’s diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, and a range of genetic disorders. Most babies are born healthy, but sadly 1 in 20 children are born with a birth defect or genetic disease. On average, that’s one in every classroom. We are extremely proud of this partnership and our long-standing support for Jeans for Genes Day.

Jeanswest staff photo wearing denim in support of Jeans for Genes day.

Find out more about how you can show your support for this worthy cause all year round by visiting:

Red Cross Donations

The team at our National Support Centre make regular blood donations to the Red Cross. It is an opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives and to help those in need.

St Vincent De Paul Donations

Jeanswest make regular donations of seconds to St Vincent De Paul providing clothing and warmth to those in need.

Environmental Disaster Relief Efforts

Recognising the need for support and relief in areas devastated by fire and flood, Jeanswest has donated over $140,000 worth of clothing to affected communities. We are committed to our local communities and will continue our support during times of natural disaster.

The Glorious Sun Group

The Glorious Sun Group places a strong emphasis on giving back to the community and supports and assists numerous projects with ground-breaking results.

Here is a snapshot of some of the community work the Group has been involved in:


In 2003 Glorious Sun donated a sizeable sum to the Ministry of Health to support and develop the purchase of life-saving medication to assist in the outbreak of the SARS disease in China.

Environmental Disaster Relief Efforts

In 2008 the Group leveraged its retail network of Jeanswest stores throughout China to launch a charity drive donating proceeds to the victims of the Wenchuan earthquake.

Temple Construction

Culture is incorporated into day-to-day business within the Glorious Sun Group and as such, they support the development of many Buddhist temples and institutions. Most notable projects include the 11 year development project of Pushou Temple in Shanxi Province, the 6 year reconstruction of Baizhang Temple in Jiangxi Province and a monetary donation to construct Lin Yen Shan Temple in Taiwan. The Group has also sponsored the establishment of the Centre of Buddhist studies of the Hong Kong University and provided postgraduate scholarships.

Glorious Sun Group Primary Schools

The Glorious Sun Group lead by example with their community programs. Established in 1998, ‘Project Hope’ is one of their longest standing initiatives. Building Jeanswest Primary Schools in 29 provinces across China this program assists children in impoverished regions to gain an education and has assisted more than 20,000 students since its launch.

Glorious Sun employees donating rice and peanut oil in Huicheng , Zhongkai , Daya Bay  and Huiyang Districts and Longmen, Bolo and Hudong Counties

Food Donations

Since 2007, in the lead up to traditional Chinese festivals, the Group has donated rice, oil or other special festival food as well as quilts to low income and destitute families in 4 districts (Huicheng District, Zhongkai District, Daya Bay District and Huiyang District) and 3 counties (Longmen County, Bolo County and Hudong County) of Huizhou, and to the Social Welfare Institute (Huicheng District). To date, HK$2.1 billion has been donated for this cause.

Past Partnerships

Along with our current charity work and partnerships, Jeanswest has, in the past, also been supporters of Pink Ribbon, Seconds to Give and The Reach Foundation. We are proud to have been a part of the good work of these charities and the support they offer to the community.

Educational Partnerships


Jeanswest formed a partnership with RMIT in 2011 and continues to be committed to nurturing up and coming talent in the textile and fashion areas. We offer students opportunities to learn, from our business, all of the aspects of fashion retail.

Our programs with RMIT include:

Work Experience Placements

We offer students work experience placements throughout the year where they can learn from our design team and develop an understanding of the different facets of a fashion business.

Advisory Group

Mark Daynes, our CEO, is a member of the RMIT School of Fashion and Textiles Industry Advisory Group and provides staff with insight on the latest trends within the clothing industry and strategic advice on the school's future direction.

Design Internship

Our Design Internship provides students with valuable industry experience and prepares them for future employment opportunities. We immerse our students across all aspects of the brand and business and coach them on the tools they need to be successful in a fashion design career. They are truly treated like a member of the Jeanswest team.

Claudia Senserrick, our Assistant Designer in Menswear, started off her career at Jeanswest by completing an Internship.

Claudia gives us some insight into her Internship experience…

1. What was involved in the Internship application process?
The Internship was recommended to me after I completed work experience at Jeanswest. I submitted a questionnaire and this was followed by a couple of interviews where I presented my folio to the designers and the General Manager of Product. When I was offered the Internship, I remember being excited and terrified in equal measure. The lovely Jeanswest team very quickly put me at ease.
2. What projects did you most enjoy working on during your Internship?
When I started my Internship I had never created artwork for a garment. After a few months, and with the guidance of the design team, I started submitting original artwork for t-shirts. I was so excited when the first t-shirt was delivered into store. That was the best moment. It’s such a big deal for someone straight out of fashion school when you’re able to see in numbers the amount of people who bought something you designed and to see people on the street wearing it. It’s such a confidence boost when the designers trust you to create a commercial product.
3. Advice for other students looking at doing an Internship?
Be prepared to work hard. This industry is exciting and rewarding if you’re passionate and hard working. In saying that, never think that something is out of reach, you’ve got nothing to lose for giving it a go. If you get offered an opportunity in the industry take it, whatever it is, you never know what doors it may open for you. I am so thankful for everything that I’ve been able to see and do because of my Internship.
Claudia Senserrick,our Assistant Designer in Menswear
4. What’s the best thing about working in fashion retail/Jeanswest?
Because humans are constantly evolving and always looking for something new, the market is forever changing. The best part about designing is you’re always on your toes, nothing is ever boring because you have to keep abreast of what your customer is after. I’ve learnt so much having been in the industry, because everything I learned at school has been put into context and built upon. I think that’s the best part, that you’re always on the go and you’re always working on something new. It’s also really nice to work for a company with a history as long as Jeanswest’s and to see how it has progressed and continues to make positive changes through time.
5. Career aspirations?
At the moment I’m still finding my feet in my current role. I can’t believe how much I have developed in such a sort amount of time. One thing I’ve learnt is that while it’s good to make plans for the future, you never know what opportunities will arise. I hope to be the head designer of a company one day, maybe Jeanswest, maybe my own! I’ll just wait to see what happens.

Education Lectures

Members of our Management team frequent RMIT University to give lectures and industry insight to students on the Business of Fashion.

Adam Lloyd, our General Manager of Product speaks with an engaged audience at RMIT.

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Jeanswest formed a partnership with The Kangan Institute in 2014 to offer our Product and Design Teams ongoing development opportunities. A custom training program was created for our teams to provide relevant up-skilling in areas such as knitwear, screenprinting and woven garments.

Mark Daynes, our CEO, speaks with students about his career and how fulfilling 
					a career in retail can be.

Mark Daynes our CEO speaks with students about his career and how fulfilling a career in retail can be (pictured). Mark also participates in Kangan Institute Panel discussions giving industry insight and knowledge to students, fashion retail members and fashion enthusiasts from the general public.

Mark Daynes, our CEO, speaks with students about his career and how fulfilling  a career in retail can be.

Visual Merchandising Internship

We offer a Visual Merchandising Internship where students work alongside our VM team and are given practical merchandising experience at a store level. Students work across both genders and gain an understanding of fashion capsules, volumes, mannequin styling and insight into how consumers shop.

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In 2016 Jeanswest are mentoring the 3rd year Bachelor of Fashion Merchandising students at Box Hill Institute, Victoria. Students are given two briefs for the year and have three months to deliver their projects. The two topics covered this year are ‘Maternity’ and ‘Sustainable Denim’.

Chelsea Potenzi and Jenise Pinto presenting their winning Maternity project to the Jeanswest Product team

Each project has three distinct touch points:

Brief: A brief is provided by Jeanswest, this will include expectations and focus regarding market research, supporting evidence and desired outcomes.

‘Check in’ meeting: Students show the progress of their project and receive feedback and have questions answered by Jeanswest.

Final Presentation: The student’s finished projects are presented to Jeanswest and a winner is determined.

The first project for 2016 has been completed and it has been fantastic to see the growth of the students and the high quality of work in the final presentation. We now look forward to embarking on the next project.

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