Meet the winners and shop their designs! Deciding on this year’s Summer Snapshot Series winners was no easy task - we received too many amazing entries to count!Take a look at the winning snaps below and learn a little about the creative JW fans behind the lens. Shop Snapshot >
First Light by Brad Walker - “We decided to hit Tamarama Beach early before first light, a cup of coffee and off we went. It was bloody cold. The surf was great and we had the place to ourselves. After a few waves, I ditched my board to go back out with my camera. One of the shots just came together perfectly.” Shop Now >
Palms by Danielle Frakes - “My first image was captured on the Coral Sea off the coast of Cairns and holds precious memories for me... The second image of the palms, was taken at evening sunset, on a beautiful relaxing break with my family in Cairns, Far North Queensland.” Shop Now >
Wave by Paul O’Connell - “The inspiration behind my photography is to show people what I can see, by freezing moments of water and light in the ocean. The winning image was taken on a surf beach in the Mornington Peninsula last summer just before sunrise.” Shop Now >
Surfer by Lou Kibby - “My inspiration for my image is the beautiful rugged New Zealand west coast, I took the image at Manu Bay which is a world-renowned surfing destination and is an excellent spot for surf photography.” Shop Now >
Esperance by Shaná Eaton - “Dad and I went on a scenic flight in a little plane out to the Pink Lake, we had a fun competition with the aim of seeing who could take the best photo! The scenery down there was so beautiful, it was hard not to take so many photos.” Shop Now >
Jetty by Manuel Perez - “This photo was taken under the boardwalk at beautiful Palm Cove Beach, Far North Queensland. It was a sunny morning, and I decided to go for a walk and a quick swim, after my swim I sat under the jetty to get some shade and looked out to the stunning crystal-clear waters. The view was too good and I just couldn’t miss the photo opportunity!” Shop Now >
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