Master Franchise and Shop in a Shop Opportunities

Interested in working with Australia’s leading denim brand to expand globally?

As Australia’s favourite denim brand, Jeanswest has more than 1600 SKU’s currently ranged and a core denim range that is amongst the largest in the world. Our complimentary monthly fashion offer across Womenswear, Menswear and Childrenswear gives any franchisee the ability to sell a range suited to their individual market.

With a focus on global expansion, Jeanswest are interested in creating mutually beneficial international franchise relationships and continuing our growth.

First established in Perth, Western Australia in 1972, Jeanswest has been operating under parent company Glorious Sun Enterprises since 1994. Today, Jeanswest operates 3,000 stores across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and the Middle East. Read more About Us, or continue to read below about our Franchise opportunities.

There now exists the exceptional opportunity to work with Jeanswest internationally. We are particularly interested in Southern Hemisphere, emerging economies and like-climate countries. Please have a look at What We Offer and our FAQs for further info, then Contact Us to get started.

What we offer

With over 40 years in the business, experience is just the beginning of what Jeanswest has to offer?

Establishing a retail fashion franchise with Jeanswest ensures a whole host of benefits, including:

  • 40 years of denim experience
  • Team member training programs
  • Visual merchandising directives
  • Product that can be adapted for specific market requirements
  • Up to 100% of your product mix
  • The ability to tag onto bulk international orders without restrictive minimum order quantities
  • Efficient and cost effective store design
  • A dedicated contact point for all enquiries and queries

Please have a look at our FAQ’s for further info and Contact Us with your opportunity.
For more information about Jeanswest please see our profile below. 


Costs, contract terms, tailoring product opportunities and support… we have all your FAQs covered.

What does being Master Franchiser entail?

As a Master Franchisee for a specific territory, you will be required to fund and own a number of Jeanswest stores. The numbers will be based on the market size and potential and be included in a comprehensive pre-agreed business plan.

A Master Franchisee will have both fashion and retail experience, and understand the fundamentals of retail purchasing and reporting.

As a Master Franchisee you will drive the store location, leases, staffing and distribution of goods.

How long will an agreement last?

This will be covered in your business plan however the minimum term we would expect is 5 years, with subsequent options to renew, provided the pre-agreed targets have been met.

What are the costs involved?

Costs are an agreed royalty fee on top of the $US FOB cost of manufacture. It’s a very simple transparent model.

Other costs include design fees for stores at the initial set up stage and store fixture and fittings. Total store fit out costs will depend on store size and vary greatly by territory however fixtures and fittings will cost approx $US250 -300 per sq. meter and must be purchased from the approved Jeanswest manufacturer.

How do I purchase goods?

Each month you’ll be provided with an order pad and access to documentation allowing you to tag onto the bulk Jeanswest production. Your production is consolidated with the all the international orders to give you the advantage of bulk buying.

What if my territory needs different product?

There are many reasons why you may need to differentiate some product from the main range for your specific market. We allow our franchisees to produce a small pre-agreed percentage of products to cater for local tastes. All garments will still need to pass Jeanswest quality and design approval processes.

Additionally, we can produce for you based on your brief and on Minimum Order Quantities being met.

Will I receive Marketing and Visual Merchandising Support?

Yes. You will receive regular marketing and Visual Merchandising Instruction updates. You may elect to either receive this marketing material physically (cost on per store basis plus shipping), or alternatively receive the files digitally and reproduce them yourself.

Each month we provide your team with a detailed Visual Merchandising Instruction (VMI) manual. This document instructs your team as to which product will go on which shelf or wall, where to locate posters and signage and what to dismantle. 

What training is provided?

Basics Manuals are updated twice a year. It is a precondition of agreement that the Jeanswest VMI’s are implemented.

What kind of support structure is available?

All Jeanswest training is available on line through a series of easy to follow modules, including our world famous Denim Uni program. Each staff member will be provided with an access code and expected to complete the modules as they are updated.

Jeanswest is committed to the long term viability of our franchisees. A dedicated and growing international team has been established for the betterment of our international franchises. Your team will be provided with a nominated individual to focus on your territory and its requirements.

Contact Us

If our FAQs didn’t answer your question, or you’re interested in working with us…

Interested? Then get in touch with us making sure you provide the following information:

  • Country of operation
  • Your retail and fashion experience
  • If applicable, the number of stores you currently operate
  • Number of stores proposed
  • Your current liquid assets in $US
  • Your current net worth in $US

Follow the Contact Us link here and someone will reply, ready to discuss the next steps towards starting your own successful fashion franchise.