Snap Shot Homespun. Designed, sourced & made in Australia. For a limited time.
100% Australian Cotton
100% Australian Made
100% Australian Printed
The Jeanswest Snap Shot Series Collection is back… and for  the first time ever, it’s 100% Australian made.Our annual Snapshot Series has always been about celebrating the best of Summer and this year, with the Homespun series we can boast the best of Australian product too. Follow the journey around the country, from the judging table where the panel headed up by celebrity guest judge, Nathan Jolliffe chose the winning snap shots, right though to the arrival in-store. Watch the video now and see why we are so proud of our 100% Australian made collection.
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Menswear Design Manager, Clint Curtis gives us the inside word. Read more >
Tranquility Path Crew Tee > Winner: Toni Faint. Judge: "Gorgeous light and shine. Nothing beats an empty beach waiting for footsteps" – Andrew
Bright Nights Print Tee > Winner: Ann Marie Lawler. Judge: "A perfect summer night. Beautiful control of light and mood" – Andrew
Pink Haze Crew Tee > Winner: Jodie Turnbull. Judge: "This is a magic minute. That last light after the sun has gone down when everything goes purple. It’s just so calming and beautiful. My favourite light" – Andrew
Paradise Shadows Print Tee > Winner: Amy Taylor Judge: "This shot is a creative composition. We love the reflection in the pool and the shadows of the palm trees" – Nathan
Sumer Waves Crew Tee > Winner: Anne Dent Judge: "True Aussie depiction of the summer season. Composition will translate nicely onto a tee" – Clint
First Light Crew Tee > Winner: Adele Fraser Judge: "The angles, perspective, the colours and mood all lead to a great shot of the Aussie coastline" – Clint
Bondi Comfort Print Tee > Winner: Isabelle Jepson. Judge: "Love this snap of my own backyard … otherwise known as Bondi! This is clearly taken from the iconic icebergs, a summer institution" – Nathan
Offshore Crew Crew Tee > Winner: Elizabeth McGinnes Judge: "Every surfer can relate (and loves) this moment … catching that wave in the hot Aussie sun" – Nathan
Perfect Paradise Print Tee > Winner: Lisa Stack Judge: "This image has a strong retro feel with its washed out colours and no heavy shadows. I love this image. It’s a moment and I want to be there!" – Carlotta
Twighlight Road Crew Tee > Winner: Sara McKinney. Judge: "Great moody shot of a road trip we can all relate to during the summertime. Trying to get to the next destination by nightfall" – Clint