Factory Partner Profiles

Photograph of Advance Denim Reception Area

Zhaowen Textile Clothing Co. Ltd

When Zhaowen first opened its doors in 2003 it was the realisation of a life-long dream for owners Wang WenGang and his wife, Zhou Chunai. Over the years, the couple have worked hard alongside their mills and laundry (whom they have had 10 year long relationships with) to build a business which is now a major supplier of cut and sew jersey items for the US, Australian and New Zealand markets as well as for the Chinese domestic market.

From small beginnings, the factory sewing line can now produce up to 500,000 pieces a month and their sample room can output (up to) an amazing 1,200 pieces a month.

Much of the production line machinery is imported from Japan and Italy helping to establish the factory as a producer of high quality knitted garments.

LOCATION: Shenzhen Guangdong Province China. ESTABLISHED: 2003. EMPLOYEES: 1,000. PRODUCT: Women’s and Men’s t-shirts. ITEMS PRODUCED PER MONTH: 500,000

How Our Business Relationship Started

Wang WenGang and Zhou Chunai were introduced to Jeanswest management through a friend shortly after the factory doors opened and have since had a strong and productive 13 year business relationship. Over these years our product and design team have worked with Zhaowen, their printer and fabric mills in China developing many of Jeanswest’s best-selling t-shirts.

Styles Produced for Jeanswest

Nothing partners with denim better than the humble t-shirt and Zhaowen is one of the biggest producers of Jeanswest’s diverse range of t-shirt styles, cuts and colours. Zhaowen has been a consistent partner in the production of our high quality cut and sew garments from basic tees to complex jersey garments for the 13 years we have been in business together.

Employee Focused Initiatives

Wang WenGang and Zhou Chunai value the hard work of their employees and like all good employers they like to recognise and reward this hard work. Factory funded day trips to popular local tourist sites are often organised for all employees and their families to unwind and relax. Zhaowen also have a strong sense of community and has established an Education Foundation to support poor and disadvantaged communities in and around Hubei Province.

The facade of the Advance Denim Mill in Foshan City

Team members on the production sewing line.

Photograph of machinery inside the mill

Fabric laying machine.

The Advance Denim Team photographed outside the Tourist Centre on a Family Day 2016.

Garments being checked by the QA team.

Close up photograph of machinery at the mill

Zhaowen team members enjoying a family-fun day.

Meet the Team

Wang Wengang


Mr WenGang has dedicated his life to fashion, working in the industry for over a quarter of a century. His passion lies with apparel manufacturing where he and his team focus strongly on producing high quality products for their customers. Mr WenGang believes the secret behind the success of his business is his great team in which he has always instilled the importance of diligence, confidence and approachability.

Wang Wengang, Owner
Sam Chen, Factory Director

Sam Chen

Factory Director

Mr Chen has worked for Zhaowen for over 10 years and can always be seen walking the factory floor, managing the day-to-day operations of the production team. His hands-on approach and keen eye for detail means that he and his team produce the best quality garment for their customers time and time again.

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