Factory Partner Profiles

Photograph of denim clothing stacked ontop of each other

Shui Cheung Laundry

Shui Cheung Laundry was established in Hong Kong in 1975 and moved to mainland China in 1994. The laundry has world-class facilities and works with many brands across the USA and Europe, producing over 300,000 pieces a month. Shui Cheung has 250 employees, some of which have worked for the business for many years.

The laundry uses Italian Tonello sampling and production machines to create garment dyed product that ensures a consistent, quality finish and a reduction in garment wastage and water consumption.

How Our Business Relationship Started

Jeanswest has worked with Shui Cheung since late 2014. Prior to the business relationship forming, Jeanswest product managers visited the laundry and were impressed with the team’s skill base and knowledge in washing, their exceptional facilities and the organised and professional way in which the business was operated. The decision to work with the laundry was an easy one.

LOCATION: Gaobu, Dongguan Guangdong Province China. ESTABLISHED: Established in Hong Kong 1975, moved to current location 1994. EMPLOYEES: 250. PRODUCT: Women’’s and Men’s denim. ITEMS PRODUCED PER MONTH: 300,000 units

Styles Produced for Jeanswest

Jeanswest use Shui Cheung for the washing of their premium denim offering including the Prima and Authentic denim ranges. Shiu Cheung also produces other non-denim pants and shorts for Jeanswest including garment dyed styles.

Environmental Focused Initiatives

Kenny LaiYan takes water usage seriously. To minimise the laundry’s impact on the environment a large water filtration plant has been constructed onsite and is almost the same size as the laundry itself! Effluents in the waste water from the jean washing process are treated in the water filtration plant and allow the laundry to recycle their water. Waste water is put through the filtration plant every day saving 1.3 million litres of water a day.

The Jeanswest (Adam Lloyd, Simon Quinn and Adrienne Famlonga) pictured with Kenny LaiYan at the factory  to dicsuss the upcoming denim range.

The Jeanswest team meets with LaiYan Kim to dicsuss the upcoming denim range.

Photograph of Shui-Cheung Water Filtration Plant

The water filtration system at the laundry.

Photograph of the Shui-Cheung Garment Dye Machine

The Tonello garment dye machine.

Close up photograph of machinery at the mill

Garment laser machine used for the waterless washing process.

Close up photograph of machinery at the mill

The washed garment ready for rivets and buttons to be applied.

Meet the Team

LaiYan Kim


Mr LaiYan Kim (Kenny LaiYan) is a denim aficionado and has worked in the industry for over 30 years. He took over management of the laundry from his father in 1986, during the period it was located in Hong Kong. He loves all things denim and enjoys being involved in the creation of washes.

His knowledge of denim fabrication and washing processes is impressive and the Jeanswest team are always learning something new from him. He has spent many years building his business, working alongside his wife, and believes its success can be attributed to both himself and his team being trustworthy, friendly and hardworking.

Mr LaiYan Kim (Kenny LaiYan)
Liang Ande, Service Engineer

Liang Ande

Service Engineer

Liang Ande has worked for the laundry for over 8 years and is passionate about technology and its possibilities. During his time at the laundry, he has managed all of the business’s IT systems from the general office computer right through to the maintenance of their Laser Machine (water-less washing technology). Liang Ande enjoys the wide scope of responsibility in his role and is the laundries go-to guy for all things tech!

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