Factory Partner Profiles

Close up photograph of machinist at OCC Apparel

OCC Apparel

OCC Apparel was established in 2004 by Directors Andrew Quinn and Nick Barclay who recognised a gap in the industry for ethical and transparent fabric and garment manufacturing in Australia. OCC works with businesses seeking to manufacture garments locally using Australian fabrics with a focus on minimal environmental impact.

Their own garment making factory in Marrickville, NSW and the mill where they purchase their fabrics from located in Melbourne, ABMT Textiles, are ACO Certified Organic and Woolmark Accredited facilities. OCC’s entire supply chain is accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia, ensuring all components of our homespun t-shirts are made in line with the highest worldwide standards of worker’s rights and conditions.

Many of the current relationships they have with their printers, laundry and trim suppliers date back to when the business began in 2004. In Andrew’s own words, “we found like-minded businesses early on and have been growing together ever since.”

LOCATION: St Peters, New South Wales, Australia. ESTABLISHED: 2004. EMPLOYEES: 22 Full Time,28 Contractors. PRODUCT: T-shirts, Sweaters and Merino garments for the Jeanswest Homespun Collections. ITEMS PRODUCED PER MONTH: 24,000 units

How Our Business Relationship Started

In 2015, a mutual industry partner introduced Jeanswest to OCC and the working relationship began in July of the same year. Jeanswest were impressed with the end to end manufacturing solution OCC offered – from sourcing yarns right through to the delivery of packed, finished garments into stores. OCC were the perfect partner to develop what would become the ‘Homespun’ range.

Styles Produced for Jeanswest

By the end of 2016, OCC will have completed four 'Homespun' ranges for the Jeanswest menswear business and two for our womenswear business. From an initial concept range in December 2015, OCC are now regularly producing garments for Jeanswest.

Employee Focused Initiatives

As soon as you step inside the OCC head office, you can feel the vibe of happy, engaged workers. It’s clear the staff are passionate about what they do, with 4 out of 5 of the original staff still working with the company (the fifth retired!). The company’s employees take time out of their busy schedules to celebrate birthdays and special occasions and as a group they recognise the importance of developing strong working relationships and celebrating their achievements together.

Environmental Focused Initiatives

OCC works with many charities in the environmental space both producing and promoting merchandise for charities including Sea Shepherd, Greenpeace and WWF. Andrew and Nick see the work OCC does as key in supporting these worldwide environmental charities to educate Australian and New Zealand communities in the charity’s field of expertise.

The OCC Team meet in their sample showroom

The OCC Team meet in their sample showroom.

Photograph of Sarah, the pattern maker at OCC working on her next creation

Sarah, the pattern maker at OCC working on her next creation.

Close up photo of the auto printing carousel.

The auto printing carousel.

Close up photograph of the Embroidery machines hard at work.

The embroidery machines hard at work.

Meet the Team

Andrew Quinn

Joint Owner

Andrew Quinn is passionate about transparent and ethical manufacturing. He is excited about the relationships he has developed with their customers and suppliers because apart from creating great quality clothing together, OCC and their suppliers and customers are all like-minded in that they are trying to better the industry standard from an environmental and social impact.

This social and environmentally conscious approach has been the key to the company’s success. Andrew says, “Our transparent practices and minimal environmental impact not only help the end product, its story and therefore value to the end user but also the wider community.”

Kevin Chen, District Sales Manager

Lily Li Qian

Head Seamstress

Lily Li Qian has worked with Andrew, Nick and the team for 8 years as OCC’s Head Seamstress. She loves all aspects of her job – from working with great colleagues to managing the production process and staff. Perhaps the most fulfilling part of her job is making beautiful clothes and being able to wear them!

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