Factory Partner Profiles

Photograph of Advance Denim Reception Area

Ningbo Dyon Imp & Exp Co. Ltd
(Owner of NINGBO POPMODE Co. Ltd)

Dyon was founded in 1998 and is a key factory partner for Jeanswest. The business prides itself on its professionalism and strives to be the best in its field for quality and customer service. With the combination of 18 years experience in garment manufacturing and a 15 year-strong management team, Dyon has established itself as a leader in the field of manufacturing and exporting in China. The factory produces high quality garments for customers across the USA, Europe and Australia.

Dyon’s 10+ year relationships with their mills and laundries speaks volumes for their business' credibility and it is not hard to tell they are a great factory to partner with.

LOCATION: Foshan City Guangdong Province China. ESTABLISHED: 1987. EMPLOYEES: 1007. PRODUCT: Denim Fabrics. ITEMS PRODUCED PER MONTH: 3 Million Yards of Denim

How Our Business Relationship Started

The relationship between Dyon and Jeanswest began 15 years ago in 2001 after management met at a trade show, soon after a strong business partnership was formed. Both businesses understand each other's vision and have successfully produced over 4000 styles together over the past 15 years. That's no mean feat!

Styles Produced for Jeanswest

Dyon produces a variety of high quality styles for Jeanswest including jersey items, woven garments and fully fashioned knitwear across the menswear and womenswear ranges.

Employee Focused Initiatives

Jeanswest loves that Dyon recognises the importance of spending time with family and friends and investing in these relationships outside of the work environment. One of Dyon's initiatives that Jeanswest likes in particular is their hosting of family days with activities just as sporting games and visits to local tourist attractions. These are relaxed days funded by the factory where employees and their immediate families can spend time socializing without the worries of work. Something we can all appreciate!

Dyon has also set up a charity fund for employees and their families (including their spouse, children and parents) that provides support with the costs of medical treatment, disaster relief and school aid.

The facade of the Dyon factory in Ningbo

The facade of the Dyon factory in Ningbo.

Photograph of the intricate and detailed process of cutting the fabric for garment construction.l

The intricate and detailed process of cutting the fabric for garment construction.

Wide shot of the sample room where a selection of styles produced are on display.

Sample Room where a selection of styles produced are on display.

Workers on the production sewing line

Workers on the production sewing line.

Meet the Team

Zheng Jie Gang

General Manager

Zheng Jie Gang (James Zheng) has worked in the garment manufacturing business for over 23 years.

Having graduated from university in 1989 as an electronic engineer, Zheng soon found himself working in the garment export business.

He established Dyon in 1998 with several partners, most of whom are still working for the company today.

Zheng love the arts and his interest in design has even led him to design all the interiors for the company offices. He is passionate about working in fashion and enjoys that every season is different with new trends and catwalk shows and loves the challenges of interpreting these for his customers.

Kevin Chen, District Sales Manager

Wang Ying (Bella Wang)


Bella is a merchandiser at Ningbo Dyon Imp & Exp Co. Ltd. She has worked within the company for more than 15 years and loves the variety her job offers her.

She is passionate about fashion and providing her customers with the best quality garments and customer service.

Bella is pictured here with one of the many fashion garments she has been involved in developing.

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