Factory Partner Profiles

Photograph of Advancetex Exterior

Advancetex Fashion Garment
(Huizhou) Co. Ltd

Established in 1982, Advancetex is part of the Glorious Sun Group family (as is Jeanswest) and has been manufacturing products for Jeanswest since it’s inception. The business has over 500 employees and produces an impressive 240,000 pieces per month. The main Advancetex factory is located in Huizhou, Guangdong with additional factories situated in Shangdong Province and Heibei Province.

The strong relationship between Advancetex and Jeanswest has enabled the brand to continually innovate and create new product offerings. In 2015, Jeanswest launched a premium denim collection, Prima, which features some of the world’s best premium Turkish denim. Since then, Advancetex has helped Jeanswest to continue to innovate and expand this high quality range.

LOCATION: Huizhou Guangdong Province China. ESTABLISHED: 1982. EMPLOYEES: 542. PRODUCT: Women’s and Men’s denim and woven apparel items. ITEMS PRODUCED PER MONTH: 240,000 units

Styles Produced for Jeanswest

For more than 30 years, Advancetex has been manufacturing products for Jeanswest and is one of the brand’s major suppliers, specialising in high quality men’s and women’s denim and other woven garments including dresses, jackets, shirts and pants.

Community Focused Initiatives

Like its parent company Glorious Sun, Advancetex factory values their employees, their families and the importance
of community spirit. Throughout the year, employees and their families are invited to take part in social and charitable events. This includes a family sporting competition held annually in October, twice yearly blood donations and visits to local communities to distribute food, bedding and household supplies to needy families during the major festival holidays in China. Advancetex considers educating its employees on the importance of helping those less fortunate than yourself very important.

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A keen eye is cast on the bulk fabric for any inconsistencies.

A keen eye is cast on the bulk fabric for any inconsistencies.

Photograph of machinery inside the mill

Computerised fabric cutting.

Computerised fabric cutting

A team member checking the jeans for any fabric shrinkage.

Close up photograph of the jeans being packed and ready to be shipped to stores.

The jeans are packed and ready to be shipped to stores.

Meet the Team

YeUng Chun Fan

Chairman of Jeanswest Australia, Jeanswest China and Owner of Advancetex Fashion Garment (Huizhou) Co. Ltd.

Mr Yeung Chun Fan is no stranger to fashion and retail, having worked in the industry for over 40 years at both a manufacturing and retail level. This love of the industry has rubbed off on two of Mr Yeung's son's, with his eldest son working as a senior manager at the Jeanswest National Support Centre in Melbourne.

Mr Yeung believes leadership, innovation and determination build a successful business.

The strong sense of community, focus on family and the importance of education and knowledge that is ingrained in the Jeanswest culture have all been put in place by Mr Yeung.

Kevin Chen, District Sales Manager

Joanne Yiu

Senior Sales Manager

Joanne has worked as a garment merchandiser and a senior sales manager for the Glorious Sun Group for more than 30 years. In her role as sales manager, Joanne works directly with the Jeanswest product and planning teams with fittings, new product briefings and production matters at both the Jeanswest National Support Centre in Melbourne and at the Glorious Sun office in Huizhou. Joanne loves her job and says that after 30 years of a great working relationship with the business, the Glorious Sun Group feels very much like her family.

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