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Photograph of Advance Denim Reception Area

Advance Denim

Advance Denim has been a major player in the denim industry for over 30 years and has a world class reputation for innovation and developing high performance fabrics. Founded in 1987, Advance Denim was one of the first denim mills established in China and today, with over 1000 employees, supplies denim to customers around the globe.

Yarn for their fabrications is sourced from both China and Vietnam and their denim is woven on equipment imported from Belgium, the USA, Italy and Japan. With their incredible knowledge and expertise, Advance Denim has created ranges that span from authentic vintage selvedge denim to denim cloth utilizing the best performance technology in shape retention, stretch and hand-feel. Their impressive 60,000sqm mill can output up to 3 million yards of denim per month.

LOCATION: Foshan City Guangdong Province China. ESTABLISHED: 1987. EMPLOYEES: 1007. PRODUCT: Denim Fabrics. ITEMS PRODUCED PER MONTH: 3 Million Yards of Denim

How Our Business Relationship Started

The relationship between Jeanswest and Advance Denim began just over 6 years ago and Advance Denim has since become the key supplier of denim for both Jeanswest’s fashion and core denim ranges.

Styles Produced for Jeanswest

Yards and yards of denim! Advance Denim’s focus on innovation means that the most premium and high performance denim is available for production across Jeanswest’s entire denim range. This also means more choices for customers and a constant evolving denim offering.

Employee Focused Initiatives

Providing a supportive work environment is a key focus for Jeanswest and working with factory and facility partners who share this value is important to us. We were really impressed when staff told us that Advance Denim’s company culture promotes equality amongst its employees and the wages they earn provides staff with opportunities to learn more and to challenge themselves in their jobs. The management team has also worked to set up an Emergency Fund to help employees and their family members who are experiencing health or financial difficulties.

Environmental Focused Initiatives

Advance Denim prides itself on its care for the environment. They have a number of internationally recognised environmental certifications including ISO14001:2004 International Environmental Management System Certification and for their denim fabrication they are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified (tested for harmful substances). Up to 7200 tonnes of sanitary sewage and industrial waste water is processed onsite daily through their sewage disposal facility resulting in zero sewage discharge.

Advance Denim are GOTs 3.0 certified and a partner of Cotton LEADS.

The facade of the Advance Denim Mill in Foshan City

The facade of the Advance Denim Mill in Foshan City.

Photograph of machinery inside the mill

Inside the mill.

The Advance Denim Team photographed outside the Tourist Centre on a Family Day 2016.

The Advance Denim Team on a family day.

Close up photograph of machinery at the mill

Machinery at the mill.

Meet the Team

Amy Wang Zongwen

General Manager

Amy has worked in the industry for 23 years and is passionate about denim. Her love of fashion and fabric has inspired her throughout her career. One of the areas she loves most about her job is working closely with her research and development team on denim innovations.

Amy is proud of Advance Denim's reputation for expertise and quality and says their technicians are amongst the most talented in their profession.

Kevin Chen, District Sales Manager

Kevin Chen

District Sales Manager

There’s nothing that Kevin doesn’t know about denim. His technical knowledge and almost decade-long experience at Advance make him somewhat of an expert on all things denim.

He works closely with the development team to enable the factory to offer new technologies in the fabric and create wearable, comfortable and high quality denim.

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