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Karka Cable Roll Neck > Austrlian Wool, Alpaca, Silk, Acrylic blend.
The Woolmark Company
INTRODUCING OUR AW16 AUSTRALIAN WOOL COLLECTION. Our new Australian Wool Collection is a first for Jeanswest. Certified by The Woolmark Company, the range uses luxurious Wool, fine Merino and beautiful blends of Silk and Alpaca grown and grazed on Australian soil.
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Northburgh Crew Knit
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"Wool is natural, biodegradable, renewable, tactile, luxurious and comfortable."
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"We’re passionate about supporting the Australian industry and offering our customers exceptional quality garments." Lisa Hunter, Senior Product Manager
The Design Stage. Designed in Melbourne with both fashionability and comfort in mind. The collection includes a stylish range of knitwear in AW16’s essential colour palette of neutrals, greys & pastels.
Fashion illustrations
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We chat to Womenswear Senior Product Manager, Lisa Hunter, about the inspiration behind the collection and working with The Woolmark Company on our first Australian Wool Collection. Visit the blog >
FROM FARM TO THREAD. After shearing, the Wool is separated into grades to define the highest quality Wool. Our farmers’ skill and experience means they can pick premium Wool by hand feel. The Wool that feels the softest and looks the whitest is the most resistant to weather, insulating, durable & will have the best life span. Wool grows in a crimped form. The finer the crimp, the easier it will be processed into yarn and the smoother your knit will feel. The team from Jeanswest HQ travelled to Wurrook Merino Farm to learn more about this process for future range design and development. Watch the Video >
Graded sample piece of fleece photographed on a grading table
"I love the quality of Australian Wool and Merino Wool in general; it keeps you warm and is very sustainable." Stephanie Field, Model
Woolmark Certification. By carrying the Woolmark logo, we can ensure our Australian Wool Collection has undergone excellent construction, using high quality premium Wool. Find out more >
Jeanswest Pure New Wool Labels
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As the global authority on all things Wool, The Woolmark Company also ensures that the brands they work with represent production excellence and exceed social and environmental standards from farm through to the finishing product. Working closely with the The Woolmark Company, our Australian Wool Collection was rigorously tested in order to be awarded their iconic endorsement.
Behind the Scenes
The campaign was shot by renowned fashion photographer Steven Chee on the breathtaking property, Benangaroo Station, which is situated along the Murrumbidgee River at Jugiong, New South Wales, southwest of Canberra. Shop the collection >
Graded sample piece of fleece photographed on a grading table
"It’s hard to capture the beauty of Benangaroo Station in words really, just stunning! Michael and Angela were the perfect hosts welcoming the crew into their home and lives with many a story told during our stay." Belinda Waller, General Manager Marketing
On location: Benangaroo Merino Station
Group photo of Michael, daughter Stephanie and wife Angela Field
Meet the model. The Fields’ daughter, Stephanie, an Australian international model, who currently resides in NYC, came home to Benangaroo to be the face of the new Jeanswest campaign shot on her family's property. Read more on the blog >
One hundred per cent Australian family-owned and run by Michael Field and wife Angela, the station has been operating for more than 100 years and produces close to 500 bales of Merino Wool annually. "I’m passionate about Merino sheep and admire them for what they do… produce the most beautiful fibre, living on some of the harshest land." MICHAEL FIELD, Benangaroo Owner & operator
Group photo of Stephanie Field
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