Australian Wool, Woolmark: At Home with Emma Hawkins

We were super-excited to catchup with Emma Hawkins, fashion and lifestyle ambassador, Mum to Arabella and wife to Tom. Emma shows us how she’s styling her favourite Jeanswest Australian Woolmark pieces…with our latest denim of course, against the backdrop of her beautiful sheep farm she calls home, just outside of  Melbourne Victoria.

Above: Emma wears Nishka Crossover PulloverMoira High Waisted Skinny Crop & Anabel Wool Blend Jacket: Sold out online.

We love your style – as a busy working Mum, what would you say are your wardrobe essentials to stay stylish while on the go?

Thank you very much, most days I would hardly classify myself as stylish, however, I do believe that with the right staple items you can mix and match for most occasions. I love black skinny leg jeans and boots worn with a delicious comfy wool jumper for ultimate winter styling – and if I am heading into work, I will add a boot with the heel and a leather jacket or long jacket over to dress up an outfit.

What’s one item in your wardrobe you can’t live without?

Black Skinny Jeans!!


Emma wears Theresa Pullover, Lucinda Scarf & Moira High Waisted Skinny Crop.

You live on a beautiful property – What might a day at home on the farm look like for you? 

Every day is very different for example, today we woke up and collected the eggs, got ready for work and Tom did some jobs around the farm. I arrived home after work at 4pm and Tom at 5pm, we made Belle’s dinner and then Tom needed my help with the sheep. So, I had Belle (who loves the sheep) in one arm whilst trying to wave the sheep into the yards. It’s very funny, as anyone who has worked with sheep will know that it requires a lot of patience. Tom is much better with them than I am, so he is working on his patience with me and the sheep during these activities!

When I’m not working I will spend most of the day catching up on chores around the house and trying to tend to our sad looking garden, as well as playing with Belle all day.

Is home where you recharge? What’s your idea of the perfect weekend?

Family time – Waking up and going to the gym and then meeting Tom and Belle at our local farmer’s café, Ravens Creek. Honestly just a day popping around at home. We are so busy on the weekends and travel a lot, so any chance I get just to be at home, is my idea of the perfect weekend.  


Emma wears Milan Stripe Pullover, Lina Tencel Shirt Chambray Star: Sold out online & Lyra High Waisted Skinny 7/8th Jean.

Has living on the farm changed your thinking around fashion, and what you look for in a garment?

Absolutely, I look at more practical fashion than before for example; things I can wear on the farm that are also acceptable to wear into town or to an event. My Grandfather was a very well-known Merino Studmaster and my father always taught me the value in wearing wool from a very young age. However, now we have our own sheep (not many may I add, but enough) I love seeing the process from start to finish and I have definitely understood the range in quality and fabrics and I just can’t help but love home grown wool. It’s a beautiful fibre and as Australians we should be very very proud of it.

Mother’s Day is around the corner…do you have any plans?

Tom is playing football that day however, we might have breakfast together. I’m honestly not really fussed. Without sounding too annoying, Tom and Belle spoil me pretty much every day in one way or another.

Lastly…what do you love about being a mum?

Seeing the world through my daughter’s eyes and knowing the true meaning of love. It’s everything.


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