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Perfecting that Summer Glow

In between shots at our latest campaign shoot, we caught up with makeup artist and published author, Bernadette Fisers, to get a few inside tips and tricks on creating this effortless summer glow. Want to know all her secrets? Keep reading…

Above: Kelly Broderie Tee & Caroline Studded Short.

Bernadette Fisers is one of Australia’s leading fashion makeup artists and hairstylists, and the talent behind our latest campaign looks. She has travelled all over the world working on fashion magazines and advertising campaigns and is now the proud author of ‘In Your Face’, the insider’s guide to informative makeup and skincare.

Tell us a little bit about your career as a makeup artist. Where did it all begin?

At the age of 10 years old, I started doing my mum’s makeup, which then extended to setting my elderly neighbour’s purple hair. I knew I was passionate about the industry, and I was determined, I then landed my first ‘real’ job at the age of 14 working part time for a Hair Salon sweeping up hair. Fast forward 10 years, I studied special effects makeup, travelled all around the world working on many famous faces, campaigns and fashion shows, and my career as a Makeup artist was flying.

What’s your number one makeup tip?

Sometimes expensive is just not best.  Paying top dollar does not mean you’re going to get a better result, because often premium and affordable makeup products are made in the same factory…just different packaging.  Who knew – right!

So, tell us how do you perfect that beautiful glowy summer look as seen in our campaign?

The perfect no-makeup makeup look, here’s a few tips for you to try for yourself.

  1. Start off with a simple Korean BB cream because any BB or CC cream made in Korea has more ‘coverage’ and in my mind is better.
  2. The next step is to mix this 50/50 with a highlighting liquid – which is essentially a foundation recipe with more sparkle. This mix gives the skin that desired golden glow.
  3. Now for the brows… I’ve used a brow pomade – this looks a bit like a mascara but is used on the brows for a quick and natural effect.
  4. We can’t have a summer makeup look without bronzer! For this look I’ve done a light ‘contour’ just under the cheekbones and around the face – this type of contouring is soft and easy for contouring beginners.
  5. To complete the look – I’ve used a pop of colour on the lips and then dabbed my finger on the same lipstick and used it as a blush – voila!

Check out Bernadette’s website and new book In Your Face:

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