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Movember Traditional Shave at Kings Domain

Meet Robi – Mo Bro and part of our talented Menswear team. As Graphic Designer, Robi was influential in designing our punny Movember collection, created in partnership with the Movember foundation.

In preparation for his second year growing a Mo to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, Robi visited expert barber Jordan at Kings Domain for a traditional close shave. We caught up with him afterwards to get the lowdown on his shave, our Movember collection and what Movember means to him. Take a look…

Firstly, this is your 2nd year of signing up to the Movember Campaign to raise funds and awareness for men’s health. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

Yes, this is my second time growing a mo for charity and first time in a barber’s chair. Last year’s Jeanswest Team consisted of six fellas in the office all taking part for different reasons. I’ve personally lost a loved one to cancer and think any way to raise awareness is great to take part in. This year Jeanswest’s Menswear Design Team joined forces with the Movember crew to create a limited-edition collection we are all proud of. It was important to have variety in the range, taking into consideration the vast array of moustache styles grown by customers they’d be worn with. Each of the four tee designs provide something different and the printed shirt is great for smart/casual events. I’ve really enjoyed putting this range together and I love that $5 from every item sold goes towards the Movember Foundation. It’s a great way to show you’re supporting the cause with or without a Mo on your face – as we’ve seen from our Movember window posters – Mo sisters can rock the tees too!


Having done this before, what does the month of Movember mean to you as you approach it this time around?

Well, I’m more of a “year-round-stubble” guy when it comes to facial hair, so shaving with a razor is a daunting thing, bound to end in skin irritation! My advice would be a couple of close shaves during October to prepare your cheeks for their release into the wild come Movember. Luckily for me, this year my shave was handled by a professional.


How was your first traditional shave?

Jordan at Kings Domain was a champion. I’ve never had such a close shave! No cuts, no neck rash! He knows the tricks of the trade, that’s for sure.

Was the process as you expected to be? What parts of the experience surprised you?

It was more involved than I thought it would be. A lot of creams and caring for the skin to prepare for the razor. I was surprised at how relaxing it was. I nearly fell asleep… which says a lot, because there’s definitely an element of trust when someone’s holding a blade so close to your neck! I had complete confidence I was in good hands.


What was your favourite part?

The hot towel on my face before the shave was the best. It was eucalyptus scented and felt amazing.

And the verdict…? What would you say to other Mo Bros out there thinking of treating themselves to a shave or Mo Trim?

I highly recommend it to any guy. You’ll leave Kings Domain feeling a million bucks!


Does this mean you might be back at Kings Domain mid-month, asking Jordan to groom ya broom?

Grooming ya broom throughout Movember is all part of the fun, so I’ll try to cultivate my own this month but if I need a trim for Christmas I know where to go.


Check out the Movember Collection.

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