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Jeanswest Reward Members: Isuri

What do you love most about Jeanswest?

Ever since I wore my Curve Embracer jeans I have had so many compliments from friends and family about how beautiful my waist and butt looks. I never felt confident about my curves and always wanted to hide them, feeling like they make me look fat. But after buying my first pair of Curve Embracers, I learnt to love my curves, and now I just can’t stop buying them.

What’s your favourite/local store?


What’s your favourite denim fit?

The Curve Embracer: They changed my life.

How does Jeanswest fit into your lifestyle?

I love the jeans! When I discovered Curve Embracers it was life changing. It was the team in-store who told me about them. I never wore jeans before last year and last summer – now I wear them day and night and just change my tops!

Tell us what a day/week looks like for you at the moment? 

My life revolves around my daughter and husband…Monday is groceries and cooking, Tuesday (and Thursdays) are kinder days followed by park time, whilst Wednesdays is a visit to the shops, Friday is swimming and the weekend is for family time….and more shopping! During the week I make a note of my favourite JW styles and on Saturday i get to try them on as my husband is there to occupy my daughter.

What are the challenges in juggling all of this? What do you do to relax/unwind?

I love to sit on the couch and watch a movie!

What was going through your mind being invited to feature in a Jeanswest campaign?

Very nervous, very excited. I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t expect to win at all, I just wanted Jeanswest to know I love Curve Embracers and that they have changed my life. I’ve been nervous also, as I’m now two months pregnant and wasn’t sure how I would look, but I feel amazing.

What do your family/friends think about you being in a Jeanswest shoot?

Mum was excited, she’s always been complimentary of my hips and butt so she was proud. Though he didn’t say it, Dad was proud too. I didn’t tell anyone else as I was worried Jeanswest had made a mistake. I told one friend who has a similar mind-set to me and she convinced me that I was chosen for me, and it was no mistake.


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