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DIY Halloween Costumes!

It feels like Halloween has come around scarily quickly this year, so if you’re anything like us and don’t have a costume ready yet – never fear! We’ve put together a handy list of haunting getups that are super easy, and inexpensive to create! Take a look here, if you dare…

Halloween Costumes

A great option for you or the littlies, this spine-tingling skeleton look is creepy and quick to create – talk about a win, win. Simply grab a white t-shirt, black long sleeve top and some scissors (for bonus points, add some face paint if you have it). For a detailed tutorial on how to perfect the look, read more here: Party Delights Blog!

Halloween Costumes

Pick up a few extra loaves of bread on your next grocery run, and recreate the “Bread Winner” costume this Halloween! All you need for this punny look is a plain tee or sporty top, a sweat band (or headband will do), and a few of those toy medals or ribbons you can pick these up at most $2 shops.

Halloween Costumes

Perfect for cliché burglars (or those who won’t get to the shops in time), the “Bank Robber” costume can be created using things you already own. Just team a striped tee with black jeans, a pair of gloves and a black mask (or a drawn-on version with black eye liner). Before you head off to Trick-or-Treat, make sure you whip up some DIY money bags using regular white shopping bags and a trusty permanent marker.

Halloween Costumes

Cute and clever, Club Crafted’s DIY “Smart Cookie” costume is sure to make everyone laugh (then, obviously scream with terror) this Halloween. Cut out a large circle from cardboard, paint or glue chocolate chips on, then finish the look with an award ribbon and some specs!

Halloween Costumes

And finally, the “Sheet Ghost”. An all-time favourite for Halloween enthusiasts and time-poor parents around the world. All you need for this one, is an old white sheet, a pair of scissors to cut out the eyes, and you have yourself a ghost costume! Spookily simple.


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