Butt Lifter Jeans
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In the Spotlight: Our Amazing Butt Lifter Jeans

Lift, where you’ll love it! Discover why our butt lifter jeans will become your new denim bestie…

Above: Butt Lifter Skinny Jeans Mid Sapphire & Pamela Pussy Bow Top.

Butt Lifter Jeans

Engineered to lift and shape your bottom, our butt lifter skinnies will fit and flatter your figure… giving you a lift where you love it! Super stretch denim provides a firm yet comfortable fit and a mid rise waistband ensures comfort and support in the front.

Butt Lifter Jeans

Delivering on their promise, our butt lifter jeans have strategically placed rear pockets that sit a little higher than usual to create the appearance of a perkier behind. While a specially designed curved yoke and extra darts will provide a round and plump look!

Butt Lifter Jeans

Are you ready to meet your new denim bestie? If so, our butt lifter jeans are available in a versatile skinny fit, three easy-to-wear washes and multiple leg lengths! With a lifetime guarantee on all Jeanswest jeans, that’s quality you can get behind.


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