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What is the Jeanswest reward program?

The Jeanswest reward program provides lots of great benefits to Jeanswest’s valued customers.

As Jeanswest a member you’re eligible to receive discounts and other great benefits including:

  • Bronze membership: 5% off full priced merchandise
  • Silver membership: 10% off full priced merchandise
  • Gold membership: 15% off full price
  • Platinum membership: Invitation only level with exclusive benefits


  • Members only shopping events 
  • Exclusive offers and discounts 
  • Communication on seasonal fashion trends and key looks 

What if I already have an old Jeanswest @list card?

You should exchange your @list card for a new Jeanswest Reward Card. Don't set up a new account - your @list member level (Silver or Gold) will automatically apply if you transfer your card. Simply present your existing @list card in-store and we’ll give you a new one.

Does my Jeanswest @list status apply?

If you are an existing Jeanswest @list Silver member you will automatically become a Silver member in the new Jeanswest rewards program. If you are an existing Gold member, you will become a Gold member in the new program. Existing Jeanswest Stylemail (e-newsletter) subscribers will be automatically be eligible for Bronze membership.

I've used to subscribe to Jeanswest e-news. Can I join?

If you have signed up to receive Jeanswest Stylemail e-newsletters in the past, you will automatically be eligible to join the new Jeanswest reward program and get a Jeanswest card. As an existing Stylemail subscriber you will instantly be eligible for Bronze level status which entitles you to 5% off all full price merchandise. Simply provide your registered email address details to any Team Member in-store and they will provide you with a card linked to your account.

What if I have two Jeanswest Reward member accounts?

If you have two accounts, you’ll want to use the account that provides you with the best discounts both in-store and online, of course!
Here’s some help to work out which account is getting you the better deal:

Do you receive Gold or Silver members discounts (15% or 10% off full price) in-store using your reward card but only get Base or Bronze (0 or 5%) on the Jeanswest website? The email address you are using to log-in online is not registered to your Gold/Silver account. You may have set it up with another different email so be sure to log in online using that one. Can’t remember it? Contact Us to look up and update your details. Please include your name, Gold/Silver rewards card number (13-digit number under the barcode) and preferred email address.

Do you receive better discounts when you log-in online with your email address than in-store with your Jeanswest card? Provide your email address to our Team Members and request a Replacement Card on this account. They will issue you with a new card for this account on the spot. Please also send us your old card to cancel the account.

Does my online spend help me reach higher member levels?

Yes of course. If you are a registered Jeanswest member and log-in to your account when you are purchasing online, your online purchases are automatically tracked toward your member spend. 

How do I get updates on news and offers?

To make sure you’re kept up to date on all our member exclusive offers, trends and events make sure you keep your details updated by logging onto www.jeanswest.com.au or www.jeanswest.co.nz. Make sure you’ve selected “yes” for each of the for mail, email and mobile subscriptions in your account section. 

What if I lose my card?

If you lose your card, simply visit any Jeanswest store in Australia and New Zealand and request a replacement card. You don’t need to set up a new member account. A new card will be issued on your existing member account if you provide your registered email address or other personal details. 

Do lay-bys count toward my reward level spend?

Yes they can. As you pay off your lay-by your spend will accumulate. If you choose not to purchase the item and get a refund, it will then decrease your accumulated spend.

What if I forget my password?

Follow the “Forget Your Password” prompts on log-in. Once you are logged into your account you can change your password to something that you might find easier to remember.

How do I get a Jeanswest rewards card?

You can get a Jeanswest Reward card at any Jeanswest store in Australia & New Zealand. If you have already registered on-line prior to receiving a card, simply provide your registered email address details to any Team Member in-store and they will provide you with a card linked to your account.

How do I reach Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum status?

  • Become a Bronze member when you spend more than $150 in 12 months and save 5% off all full price merchandise.
  • Become a Silver member when you spend more than $300 in 12 months an save 10% off all full price merchandise.
  • Become a Gold member when you spend more than $600 in 12 months and save 15% off all full price merchandise.
  • Become a Platinum member by invitation only and receive exclusive benefits.
  • Simply present your Jeanswest reward card in-store so your purchases are allocated to your member account. On-line transactions are automatically allocated when you log-in and complete a purchase.

How do I log-in online?

Your log-in is either your Jeanswest reward card number which is the barcode number on the back of your card or your registered email address and your password. There are prompts on the website if you forget your password.