Production Standards

Production Standards

The Glorious Sun Group, owners of the Jeanswest brand, own and operate factories in China which are utilised to produce Jeanswest Australia merchandise. Jeanswest Australia also works with and manufactures through external factories which we have built long standing relationships with over many years establishing expectations, trust and strong operations.

The Glorious Sun group is committed to ensuring their own factories in conjunction with external business partners uphold the high standards we do as a company. Audits are carried out on new factories being considered for the production of Jeanswest merchandise. These audits are then carried out on an annual basis, including an on-site visit to ensure standards are continually met with reports provided for compliance.

The expected standards include the following areas; hygiene & working environment, occupational health & safety, quality control, technical control and training. Jeanswest Australia is committed to working with suppliers who meet these standards and follow the required procedures to ensure employee wellbeing and safety is adhered to and pleased to work with manufacturers who make additional effort in giving back to the community and in doing so have a developed a Responsible Sourcing Code of Conduct.

We’ll be profiling our business partners to give you insight into where, how and who is working with us to bring the Jeanswest collections (which we know you love) to life. The first of those profiles is Advancetex, a Glorious Sun owned business, click here to find out more.

Responsible Sourcing Code of Conduct

Increasingly customers and business are taking an interest in the ethical sourcing and manufacture of goods. And in response to this Jeanswest have formulated a Responsible Sourcing Code of Conduct. Some of the basic principles applied are:

• No tolerance policy on child labor
• A quality of treatment
• Fair disciplinary practices, and a
• No tolerance policy on bribery

For full details of the Jeanswest Responsible Sourcing Code of Conduct click here.

Production Map & Factory Details

You can find the map of our Cut, Make, Trim production and the location details of some of our factory partners here.

The Cotton Pledge

In addition to our own set of standards, Jeanswest has signed The Cotton Pledge with the Responsible Sourcing Network, along with over 160 of the world’s biggest retailers. The Cotton Pledge is an initiative to ensure that our cotton is not sourced from Uzbekistan. Unfortunately, this market uses a system of child and adult forced labour to harvest these crops.

You can read more about The Cotton Pledge here.

Baptist World Aid Australia Report

Jeanswest recently voluntarily participated in the Baptist World Aid Australia Report. The report covers topics such as policies, traceability & transparency, monitoring & training, workers rights and more. Jeanswest received an overall Grade B. Click here to view the full report.



Concern has been raised about the treatment of Angora rabbits during the process of fibre removal. Accordingly Jeanswest does not tolerate any angora in our supply chain until such time that an ethical source is indentified.


Jeanswest supports the wool industries of Australia and New Zealand and is a proud stockist of Australian merino wool. We are aware of the animal welfare considerations of mulesing sheep to prevent fly strike and are committed to identifying sources of merino wool that are welfare friendly.


Jeanswest will only use leather that is the by-product of other industries. Animals must be treated in a humane manner to ensure minimum distress and in accordance with relevant national and international animal welfare regulations.

Other Quality Focused Initiatives

With confidence in our product, and partners, Jeanswest proudly offer a Lifetime Quality Guarantee on all of its denim. The guarantee covers manufacturing faults in regards to buttons, rivets, zippers, belt loops or seams. We will replace your faulty jeans with a new pair. This excludes general wear and tear of your favourite jeans, such as fading and thinning out over time. Please hold on to your receipt.

We are committed to a quality management system based on AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 which is understood and embraced by all Team Members, aiming for continuous improvement across Jeanswest to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system. Read more about our ISO policy here and ISO here.