Production Map

Jeanswest works with select partners around the world, predominantly in China, who commit to our responsible sourcing requirements and meet our quality standards.

Represented on this map are the countries and regions of our first tier manufacturing partners, including the percentage of production they represent.

We will aim to update this map annually to represent changes to locations and relationships.

Updated November 2016

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Jeanswest is committed to transparency and recognizes this is a core requirement for upholding safe and fair working conditions for all workers in our value chain.

Jeanswest will progressively publish details of the factories and facilities that make our product. The following list represents the factories responsible for 80% of Jeanswest's current production at that final stage of manufacture (Cut, Make, Trim). By January 2017 we are committed to publishing the factories responsible for more than 95% of our production at the Cut, Make, Trim stage.

This list was last updated in November 2016 and will be updated regularly.

Find our Factory List here.