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Advancetex Machinery


Advancetex has been manufacturing Jeanswest jeans for over thirty years.

Established in 1982, Advantacetex is part of the Glorious Sun family (as too is Jeanswest) and now has over 500 staff and produces over 360,000 items per month. The main Advancetex factory is located in Huizhou, Guangdong with additional factories situated in Shangdong Province and Heibei Province.

Manufacturing Jeanswest denim since 1985…

For more than 30 years, Advancetex has been manufacturing products for Jeanswest and is now one of the brand’s major suppliers, specialising in making high quality men’s and women’s denim. In 2015, Jeanswest launched an elevated denim collection, our Prima Range which features some of the world’s best premium Turkish denim and Advancetex produces this collection, as well as Jeanswest’s fashion and core denim lines.

It’s not just about denim…

However it’s not just denim that Advancetex manufactures, with the factory also producing woven and knitted styles including dresses, jackets, shirts and pants.

Advancetex exterior

Advancetex Exterior

Pattern room

Advancetex Pattern Room

Sewing room

Advancetex Sewing Room

A few of the team

A few Advancetex Team Members

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Items manufactured:

360,000 per month


21,000 sqm