Test-drive: Our Freeform 360 Jeans

yogaOur Freeform 360 collection is a range of chic skinny fit jeans that feature new 4-way smart stretch technology. To demonstrate how well they perform, we asked the talented Yoga Instructors from One Hot Yoga in Melbourne to test-drive them for us!

The results were beautiful, and we walked away with a whole new level of respect for our denim, and for yoga!Yoga pics edited“These jeans are amazing.
They are so flexible and allowed me to move just
like a regular pair of yoga pants would!”
– Lauren Roberts

Yoga pics edited 2
“I love the way these jeans immediately adjust to my body
and hold their shape regardless of any constant movement.
I was excited to hear my jeans are made in a longer length!
Finally a brand that suits my entire body shape!”
– Petra Mangos

It was a delight to watch as they collaborated with each other, experimenting with artistic and difficult positions that really put our Freeform 360 jeans to the test . Standing on the sidelines observing their grace and effortless style; it was easy to forget that what they were doing was (just) a little harder than it looked!

Discover Freeform 360 jeans here.
Shop our new arrivals here.
Visit One Hot Yoga here.

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