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Snapshot: Meet our Guest Judges: Blacklist

Our Summer Snapshot Series competition has now closed, ​there can only be 6 lucky winners who will share in over $4,500 worth of prizes…stay tuned! While our judging panel were sorting through all of your amazing summer snaps, we caught up with guest judges, Blacklist. Read more for the full interview…


We caught up with Jaynie and Nathan, who together make Blacklist, a Sydney design studio creating limited edition collections of art prints, luxury stationery and boutique wedding invitations. This will be Blacklist’s first year as a judge for our Snapshot competition, so they’ll have a keen eye for photography and overall design!

When did Blacklist first launch?

We launched our design studio in October 2008.

What does an average day look like for you guys?

Every day varies greatly. We have three young children and a love of the ocean, so if the surf’s good we arrive late. Generally we like to start our day having breakfast together and then we will head into the studio, design, dream, do paperwork (Jaynie), check in with our production teams. We have a small, incredible team, so it’s a lot of fun, a lot of the time.


@blackliststudio @blackliststore

You both have an eye for design and photography, what’s the key to capturing an amazing photo?

For us the key is to think about composition, what you are photographing and where it is in the frame. Think about the positive and negative space in your photos.

The Snapshot Series Competition is all about celebrating the unique Australian lifestyle, tell us where your favourite Aussie beach is.

Our favourite Aussie beaches would be:

Jaynie: Pebbley Beach on the South Coast and Darook Beach in Cronulla.

Nathan: Greenhills, as it’s close to home and Mollymook Beach for our family time.



We imagine travel is important to you for inspiration and time out from your busy schedules.  What’s 5 tips for smooth sailing when it comes to travelling?

We often travel with three kids so our best five tips are:

– Always buy the bulkhead seats. You can access the location of these seats by researching the aircraft type listed on your booking.

– Go slow. We are the annoying people in airports who take forever, we deliberately like to travel slow.

– Ask locals their favourite places to eat, visit, see.

– Always pack a spare change of clothes for your flight.

– Get travel insurance. TID are tried and tested by us and are amazing. We haven’t been paid to say that, by the way.



What’s your ultimate destination you haven’t quite checked off the list yet?


Describe your perfect summer.

Surfing, picnic dinners at the river, kids playing in the pool together, friends, and family.

What is your favourite thing about what you do?

That we do it together and that we get to create whatever we want, whenever we want to. There are no constraints or pressure to please people.

Who or what do you turn to for inspiration?

Our kids. The ocean, fashion, music, poetry and nature.




Keep your eyes peeled our Snapshot Tee collection launches at the end of this year!

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