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Our Australian Cotton Story: Meet Naomi

In celebration of our Australian Cotton collection we caught up with Naomi, a young Cotton Farmer who runs a large cotton and cattle farm in the Croppa Creek area, 55km from Moree, NSW. One of four daughters, Naomi is the only one still involved in agriculture (for now!). Naomi is also the member representative to Cotton Australia for the Northwest gin.

You’re a young Cotton Farmer – when did you first start to realise this was what you wanted to do, and why?

It was a very natural process for me to start working in the cotton industry as my parents were farmers and I grew up on the farm surrounded by cotton fields. I always knew I wanted a career in either fashion or farming and in a way growing cotton combines both!

What might a regular work day look like for you? (we image it’s quite diverse!)

7:30am – I work as a farm manager, so my work varies a lot day to day, but it usually involves a few hours driving machinery such as a tractor where we undertake many operations such as the planting of the cotton seeds.

11:00am – Machinery maintenance is usually a daily task. This would be something like changing the oil on a tractor and greasing it.

1:00pm – There is a lot of planning involved for future cropping rotations and seed orders, so I would usually spend some time in the office organising this.

3:00pm – Crops checks are a regular activity to check plant nutrition and health

5:00 – I have several horses so in the evening I love to go riding and spend as much time with the horses as I can.

What has been one of the bigger challenges you’ve faced as a farmer?

The weather is always a huge challenge as you can never control it, but it plays such a huge part in all of our operations.

What does it mean to you, to be a young female in farming and agriculture? Do you have a vision for the future, for women in the industry?

It’s so exciting to be part of Australian agriculture where it is incredibly diverse and invigorating each year. There is definitely a place for women in the future and I think if someone has a “can do” attitude and aren’t afraid to work hard they will find their place in the cotton industry.

Jeanswest is about to launch another women’s all Australian Cotton collection – as a female cotton grower, how does this resonate with you?

So exciting! It is such a fantastic product that all Australians should be proud of. It’s grown on Australian soil, is a natural product and is of such great quality. It’s basically a collaboration made in heaven, the Jeanswest range will keep us on trend and the Australian cotton will keep us super comfortable!


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