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Our latest campaign is all about denim for every body, and features some of the experts behind the collection. We caught up with the campaign's stars Rachel, Erin, Eloise, Simon and Julie to talk about their careers, designing each range and how they felt stepping in front of the camera. Find out more…

What's your favourite thing about the Jeanswest brand?

ERIN: Our specialty fit denim and denim outfitting - it's the best! From Curve Embracers to Maternity jeans, our range of fits is amazing.

RACHEL: I love that Jeanswest is a relatable Australian brand. We offer affordable, inclusive fashion for everyone across all shapes and sizes. As a team, we're passionate about weaving current trends into our new Jeanswest ranges, and making you look and feel fantastic!

ELOISE: I completely agree, I like that we are a trusted brand and that our customers come to us because they feel good in our product.

SIMON: The quality of our denim, the price of our denim, and the fit variety – it’s second to none, even on a global scale. The value for money we offer is fantastic. For example, all of our menswear shirts and tees are made with natural fibres, using cotton and linen for its quality, and because these fabrics are soft and breathable against the skin. We usually have every day offers on our tees and shirts for men in store because we know they like to get everything they need in one trip!

Your jobs are quite busy and varied, what might a week at Jeanswest look like for you?

RACHEL: Lots of meetings! These include regular trade, strategy, marketing and creative meetings, as well as 1:1s with teams and individuals, and attending fit sessions to see how designs are shaping up. Reviewing future ranges is also important, to make sure product stories are coordinated and that they have a good balance of print and colour. In the ‘day-to-day of my role there's a requirement to make fast and well-informed decisions as we react very quickly to market changes and a lot of problem solving pops up. There are always unforeseen challenges when creating collections... but it keeps me busy and on my toes!

ELOISE: We do have a lot of variety within any given week. Mondays we are reflecting on the sales from the week prior to extract learnings. Tuesdays and Thursdays are fit session days, to ensure the garments we are designing are the perfect fit when they arrive in store. The rest of our time is spent looking to the future and planning what's coming next!


Eloise - a lot happens behind the scenes to achieve the perfect fit for our denim, can you give us a little insight into the denim fit process that every style goes through?

ELOISE: Our specialist fit styles can take up to a year to perfect before we go ahead with a style – fit is incredibly important to us. When a new style is designed, we will fit it on one of our fit models a number of times throughout the production process, until we know we've nailed it. During this time we are also reviewing the fit samples for design detailing such as thread colour and metal colour of buttons and rivets, as well as the perfect denim wash. Its all in the detail, and we will typically fit 3 times during the design process before approving a style. We want the best for our customers!

Erin – your role is quite creative, where do you get your inspiration from for each collection?

We always start with catwalk trends and review everything from colours, prints, silhouettes and even accessories. Moreso now, we also extend our focus to what's happening around the catwalks. Fashion is so fast and the influencers attending the Fashion Week shows are often wearing the latest collections and the way they put their looks together really inspires us.

We observe the trends, and then always make sure we find inspiration relevant to our Australian denim heritage and our core customers.


What do you love most about your jobs?

ERIN: I love putting together the concepts for each product story with the team, and denim provides such a great pillar to create a range around. We design all our prints in-house at our Melbourne office, and really work to make sure they incorporate current fashion trends and are right for our customers. We talk endlessly about the Jeanswest women who shop with us and keep them at the forefront of our minds when we're designing. It means so much to us when a collection sells particularly well because it means we've delivered for our customers, and they appreciate what we've created.

ELOISE: I love seeing a range come to life. It's always a proud moment walking past someone on the street wearing one of your styles. It's a lovely feeling to know that someone liked your work.

RACHEL: Absolutely - seeing finished garments arrive that are true to the original concept and that look great still gives me a buzz! I also have to mention with this question... My team!

Simon - you have been working in the industry for approximately 25 years - you started when you were 10! What’s something we might not know about the fashion industry?

We are constantly reviewing; from shapes to fabrics to prices, to sales and customer feedback. This happens and many levels of the business across many touchpoints, and is ongoing. This is how successful collections are delivered.

You're actually overseas at the moment… what are you up to?

RACHEL: Were hitting the shops in London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles for inspiration, colour and trend confirmation for our 2020 Autumn ranges.

ELOISE: Certainly one of the perks of the job, it's great to see whats going on in fashion in Europe and America as they are naturally a season ahead of us.

ERIN: Were in New York City and have seen some great denim and fun fashion here... I love seeing the street style and how differently each city wears trends. I can also report that tie-dye is everywhere on the streets and in stores!


Lets get a little sentimental... What do you love most about each other?

ERIN (on Rachel): We laugh so much together, but Rachel is also a really supportive and encouraging leader too. She really knows her stuff and what's right for our customer which makes our jobs easier.

RACHEL (on Erin): This is a very long list! Erin's sense of humour, and her very kind and generous disposition. She can always lighten the mood with a well-timed witty remark or laugh, but she is also amazingly talented and works super hard; she gives her all to everything she does. She's just a good egg and I feel very lucky I get to work with her every day!

JULIE (on Eloise): Definitely her calm nature. I have worked with Eloise for many years and she is such a kind and thoughtful person and she has a very calming effect on me.

ELOISE (on Julie): Julie and I have worked together for quite some time, and in many ways, she has been a mentor to me. I have always respected the way she works, she is fair. Plus - she is very funny and quick-witted.

Lastly.. you're the faces of our latest campaign! What was the scariest part of being on set, and the most fun?

RACHEL: The solo shots were the scariest! Actually, the group shots were really fun, there were jokes flying around and we all found it pretty hilarious.

ELOISE: I guess the most fun thing was getting so glam on a Friday morning! Certainly not something that I've ever experienced before. I think the scariest thing is… when the posters and images go live!

SIMON: Scariest... so many people touching me! Look, I had more fun than I expected to, and that's the truth. I work with a good bunch so it was... bearable haha. I probably didn't expect the compliments I have received, so I'll take those too!


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  • Reply Pauline Byfield 17/10/2019 at 8:04 pm

    My husband has an original 1972 Jeanswest denim jacket and wondered if it has any value to it. It has the red jeanswest tag on the front top pocket with jeanswest written in white, also the metal type buttons have jeanswest 1972 on them all. Hes still wearing it after all this time.

    • Reply Jeanswest Team 30/10/2019 at 3:51 pm

      Hi Pauline,
      How amazing that he has a Jeanswest original! As we don’t buy or re-sell our vintage items, we don’t have a value price for this item to share… it’s priceless, surely 😉! We’re so pleased to hear it’s stood the test of time, and that he’s still wearing it today.
      Thanks for sharing such lovely news,
      Jeanswest x

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