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Let’s Talk Maternity Jeans

Enjoy the ultimate comfort and style during your pregnancy with our bump-loving, best fitting, award winning Maternity jeans. Available from sizes 6-18, these jeans feature the extra support and added comfort you need while awaiting the arrival of your new bub!

Voted Maternity Fashion Brand of the Year at the Mother & Baby Awards 3 years in a row, it’s no secret expecting mums love our Maternity fashion & denim range. So what can you expect when it’s time to wear maternity jeans? Nicoll Grieg, our Product Manager for Maternity (and mum to two gorgeous kids), has the answers to all your Maternity jeans questions and concerns…

When should I start wearing Maternity jeans?

Buy a pair of Maternity jeans as soon as the waistband of your current jeans becomes a little tight. Even if you can still fit into your current jeans, it’s completely worth the comfort!

What size do I buy when I’m pregnant?

Purchase the same size as you currently wear, as the jeans will grow along with you and your bump. Our Maternity jeans offer internal elastic waist adjusters at the jeans’ waistband and a super stretchy tummy band, allowing them to adapt to your size at every stage of your pregnancy.

What should I look for when buying Maternity jeans?

Of course, one of the main factors you want to look for in jeans is comfort. Comfortable jeans that are fashionable. Jeanswest offer an extensive range of jeans; from your must-have skinny blacks and saturated indigos which are perfect for your everyday wardrobe, to your more fashionable pieces, such as those with biker styling details, coated denim as well as grey denim. The fabrics selected are super stretchy with excellent recovery, allowing you to feel comfortable as well as supported.

I want to look like I’m wearing regular jeans while I’m pregnant…

Just because you’re pregnant, it doesn’t mean you need to wear alternative denim – so we use the same denim fabrics used in our regular jeans range, with the addition of the tummy band that you can easily pull over your belly to provide extra support. The denim waistband is therefore non-functional, but we ensure the fly and shank button are still featured as part of the design, providing the same look as your favourite jeans pre-pregnancy.

When should I go back to wearing regular denim jeans?

This is entirely up to you and when you feel comfortable to do so. There’s so much pressure on new mums to revert back to their pre-pregnancy weight, but mums need to allow their bodies to recover in good time. If this means that they wear their Maternity jeans post baby, then it is up to them. There are also mums who don’t want to be wearing their Maternity clothing post baby, and that’s completely fine as well. Comfort factor is very important for new mums, so reverting back to wearing regular jeans should be when they feel comfortable.

How do I care for my Maternity jeans so they don’t shrink?

Treat your Maternity jeans like you would treat your regular jeans: Turn your jeans inside out, cold wash separately with mild detergent (make sure it dissolves first), and avoid bleaching or soaking your jeans. After washing, turn them right side out again and hang them in the shade to dry so the sun doesn’t fade them.

 Selected styles of Maternity Jeans are available in 3 leg lengths – short (29½”), regular (31”) and long (33½”). 

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  • Reply Kat 08/07/2017 at 5:56 pm

    I love my maternity jeans. They are so comfortable. However, I find that the top of the elastic part that covers my belly bunches up and leaves a very visable line under my clothes. This is really frustrating and I can’t straighten it out.

    • Reply Kat 10/07/2017 at 5:55 pm

      Thanks but not very helpful when I have purchased two pairs of the old design that I can hardly wear because the elastic frustrates me so much.

      • Reply Jeanswest Team 11/07/2017 at 9:23 am

        Hi Kat,
        We’re sorry to hear that you’re frustrated. We will pass your feedback onto our Maternity product team and if you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care team. The team can be contacted from Mon-Fri, 7am-8pm on 1800 888 759 or via email at

    • Reply Jeanswest Team 11/07/2017 at 9:26 am

      Hi Kat,
      Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. You may prefer our Maternity jeans featuring elastic inserts at the sides, instead of the full tummy band.
      Here’s a link to our newest style.
      Sage Maternity Skinny 7/8


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