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Jeanswest loves Dads, and their words of wisdom

We’ve caught up with some incredible Dads this week for Father’s Day, and it’s time to meet our final Dad, Api. Dad and Hot Husband to comedian Celeste Barber. Take a look at his important life lessons, style hacks and his plans for Father’s Day this Sunday.



First, let’s talk Dad fashion! What’s your go-to outfit for when you’re out and about with your family? Do you have a hot tip – a Hot Husband style hack – you can gift us with?

My staple outfit is black jeans, grey shirt and vans… I’m always chasing after our kids so it’s easy and comfortable.

What’s your most-loved item in your wardrobe and why?

It’s an old beanie. I remember Dad wearing it home from work when I was really young. It’s really warm and I love it.


We know you like a laugh… what’s one of the more humorous moments of fatherhood you’ve experienced so far?

There’s always funny stuff happening at home. Often the boys will gang up on me or my wife. Boundaries are pushed. Things go too far (usually our youngest). Then the struggle is not to laugh as we try to parent with a calm face!

Father’s Day is just around the corner, do you have any secret pressie hopes? What will be happening in your household this Sunday?

My beautiful wife will be away working so I will probably wake up early to our 4 and 7 year old making me breakfast. I will say it’s delicious. Clean up. Wake our 16 year old and take them out for brunch. Secretly I’m hoping for a boat trip to the Maldives as a present but I’ll be happy with socks and undies.

Hot husband and celeste barber


There are surely many, but what’s an important life lesson you’ve learnt that really resonates with you, and that you hope to pass on?

Be kind. Be fair…and don’t eat yellow snow!

Lastly, being a father, you have a reputation to live up to… can you leave us with your best Dad joke?

Three people walked into a bar… You’d think the last one would duck!

But I think I prefer my 4 year old’s joke:

Why did the banana go to hospital? Because it wasn’t peeling very good!

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